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Attack IT Complexity to Automate Data Center Management

June 26, 2008 02:00 PM

Highly Scalable Software Enables a Fundamentally New Approach to IT Operations Management Through Unmatched Problem Identification, Resolution and Prevention Capabilities

Al Eisaian

Integrien Corporation, the leader in intelligent systems management, has unveiled the next major version of its flagship software, Alive 6. The innovative software includes enhanced analytics, scalability for the largest operational environments and a new customizable, role-based GUI, which assists IT operations staff in alleviating the complexities associated with maintaining mission critical applications in today’s complex IT environments. Alive 6 helps enterprises to increase operational efficiency by providing real-time, automated analysis of IT performance data and delivers actionable intelligence for identifying, resolving and preventing problems.

“In a time where the IT environment is becoming increasingly complex due to technologies such as virtualization and SOAs, there is a critical need for a new way to assist IT staffs in ensuring constant business systems availability,” said Al Eisaian, CEO of Integrien. “With current management approaches, this is a daunting task because of the massive manual effort required to determine the cause of application downtime and performance issues. Instead of solving today’s problems with yesterday’s hammer, IT can adopt an analytics-based approach to identifying, resolving and preventing problems before business is impacted. Alive 6 enables this by providing real-time automation of the problem detection and resolution process, ultimately keeping companies ahead of the game in today’s challenging business environments.”

Alive 6’s new architecture and integration framework greatly increases the scalability of the software and enables users to leverage existing investments in monitoring and systems management tools.
  • Provides out of the box support for IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, and Hyperic, as well as quick integration to other monitoring technologies to offer holistic, cross-silo analysis and fast implementation.
  • Allows real time analysis of millions of metrics from tens of thousands of devices to support the demands of even the largest IT environments.
  • Enables remote data collection across firewalls to support today’s security conscious environments.
Three new dynamic thresholding algorithms in Alive 6 help IT staffs to transform massive amounts of data into relevant, actionable information and eliminate the need to set and maintain static thresholds. These new algorithms enable Alive 6 to understand normal system behavior to provide more intelligent alerting that significantly reduces time-consuming manual problem resolution efforts. The new algorithms and topology-based alert aggregation enable users to:
  • More accurately model different types of IT data to reduce false positive alerts.
  • Automatically identify and adapt to seasonal events to eliminate alert storms.
  • Provide complete context for problem resolution and reduce the total number of alerts.
Additionally, Alive 6 uses new correlation analytics to enable a proactive approach to problem resolution.
  • Alive’s alert correlation automatically predicts future problem behavior based on currently active alerts, providing IT staff with the ability to head off costly performance and availability problems before they affect end users.
  • Alive’s metric correlation identifies the complex interdependencies between business services that cannot be identified by traditional systems management tools.
To increase visibility and aid problem solving efforts, Alive’s new user interface provides IT staff with:
  • A customizable, role-based dashboard/portal system that provides the right information to each IT expert, from the VP of IT Operations to database administrators. Each team member sees just the data they require to resolve problems effectively.
  • A library of configurable data analysis widgets addresses specific management needs, enabling users involved in the systems management process to produce more efficient and effective results.
“In order to provide users with consistent system availability and performance, labor spend has become by far the largest portion of IT operation’s budgets,” said Armand Shirikian, Senior Manager of Operations Integrity at BT Infonet. “With new technologies like virtualization compounding the management problem and infrastructure growing to support the business, simply throwing more people at problems is not a scalable approach. With Alive, we were able to change our approach to systems management and reduce our mean time to identify and repair problems by 50 percent, keeping labor spend flat while allowing my team to focus more time on new business driven initiatives.”

“As IT infrastructure complexity increases, managing application issues in a reactive manor continues to have business impact,” said David Williams, Research VP at Gartner. “The need to be proactive is driving companies to consider event management technologies that can anticipate potential problems through learning and analyzing system behaviors providing IT operations with visibility into potential problems allowing a more proactive approach to problem solving.”

Alive 6 is currently available with both perpetual and subscription pricing.

Integrien Corporation is an intelligent systems management company that enables the predictable operation of mission critical applications. Integrien helps IT operations to manage complexity by applying real-time analytics to monitoring data to provide the intelligence that will prevent problems from negatively impacting business. Integrien Alive allows enterprises to increase operational efficiency by reducing the vast sea of alerts inundating IT operations, providing fewer but more actionable alerts driving a proactive approach to managing complex IT environments. As a result, Integrien customers achieve higher quality business operations that are more efficient and continuously available at required service levels. The company has a host of strategic partnerships with leading vendors such as IBM, HP, BMC, VMware and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), ensuring quick time to value.

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