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iscoord Integrates Symphony

February 2, 2009 12:00 PM

Markus Sieger
President and CEO

iscoord releases is-phone 8.0 featuring Symphony integration, enhanced video conference and toolbar support, announcing OS X and Linux support

The highlights of is-phone 8.0 are deeper integration, toolbar, wideband codec support and improved video conferencing. is-phone 8.0 integrates seamlessly into IBM Lotus Notes 8, IBM Lotus Sametime 8 and IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2. The is-phone toolbar shows for the end-user as an intuitive way offering value-added Telephony features and integrating in a non-intrusive manner in the graphical interface.

“With the advent of unified communications solutions and rapid adoption of collaboration software suites in corporations, integrating our unified communications solution into IBM Lotus Symphony was simply a logical move for iscoord” says Markus Sieger, CEO of iscoord ag. “The is-phone toolbar has been designed to keep a simple & intuitive interface in order to provide the best-in-class user experience, while maintaining our iscoord's primary product goals of cutting telecommunications costs, increasing productivity and lowering the carbon footprint. In addition, is-phone 8.0 offers a higher level of integration and increased compatibility without adding the complexity and cost of a comparable middleware based solution. To further support the market requirements and IBM’s multi-platform strategy we will announce at Lotusphere 2009 support for Mac OS X and Linux to be delivered shortly.”

“Just imagine placing phone calls while at the same time being able to edit a financial document, browse your emails or chat with your partners, all by just pushing the single mouse click in your IBM Lotus environment. In terms of usability and simplicity, is-phone 8.0 represents true added value! We are now launching the second generation of VoIP applications, more mature and simpler to use” said Rolf Kuster, CTO of iscoord. “is-phone 8.0, features also integrated LDAP, advanced video support and an integrated web browser within the is-phone for IBM Lotus Notes 6/7/8 stand-alone client e.g. for call-center agents.”

Additionally to the standard is-phone unified communication software features, is-phone 8.0 includes:
-    Toolbar for Lotus Notes 8 and Symphony
-    Live text support (phone number recognition with click-to-call)
-    Improved call and video conferencing support incl. H.264 codec
-    Additional wideband codec

iscoord ag, an independent and privately owned company in Zurich/Switzerland, is developing and distributing together with a worldwide partner network the is-phone® softphone technology integrated into IBM (IBM Lotus® Notes®, IBM Lotus® Sametime®) and Microsoft (white label OEM version for Outlook® 2003/2007, Windows® Live Messenger) Unified Communications software or enabling anonymous calls from any website (is-phone® click2connect). is-phone® is SIP compliant, ready to use with any SIP carrier and received certifications of compatibility for IP PBXs from 3Com, Avaya, Nortel and Siemens (others tested or in certification process). iscoord has won 7 awards: DNUG Award 2007, Lotus ADVISOR Editor’s Choice Award 2007, IBM Lotus Award “Best in Showcase 2006”, VoIPGermany Award 2006, IBM Lotus Award “Best Messaging Solution 2005”, Lotus ADVISOR Editor’s Choice Award 2005 Silver medal and the IBM CTO Award 2005.

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